Social Changes

We work for fearless progressives & bold campaigns.


Our Story

The breathtaking resurgence of the extreme right demands we transform the way we campaign—and fast. Frustrated by the ways politics remains broken on both sides of the Atlantic, we’ve set out to challenge status quo approaches to social change by sharing the skills and insight from our collective battles.

We specialize in bringing together activists across oceans and sectors. Our goal is to build a transnational left that can take on the right’s better funded, more organized, and digitally sophisticated campaigning. We work closely with the best trainers and campaigners on earth to strengthen social movements, connect networks of activists, and build a bridge between electoral politics and civil society organizers. Through this work we both build up our own courage and capacity to tackle real problems in people’s lives and demand that those that wish to represent us meet us there by leading boldly on the key issues of our time.


We work globally.