Social Changes


Arun Chaudhary
Creative Director

Arun Chaudhary is a filmmaker working in politics. He was the first Official White House Videographer, a position created for him at the beginning of the Obama administration, after being a key member of his 2008 election campaign. In 2016 he was Bernie Sanders’ digital creative director, supervising the video and graphic production for his insurgent Presidential campaign and helping craft content strategy.

Internationally Chaudhary has worked in Kenya, Aruba, Mexico, Kosovo, and most recently helped Italian candidate for the EP, Caterina Cerroni, in her remarkable campaign in the Southern Collegio.

He has been profiled by the New York Times, the BBC, National Journal, Politico, Fortune, and many political websites, and led a Frog design mind seminar at NYU with Fast Company's Ellen McGirt. He lives in Houston, TX, with his wife, son, daughter and four cats.


Jessica Shearer
Principal Strategist

While managing 290 people on Obama’s presidential campaign, Jessica had a front row seat to a digital political revolution that was accelerating growth and engagement beyond what she had believed possible. Since then, she refuses to allow progressive forces to use yesterday’s tools and strategies. Jessica specializes in turning around tough, even “unwinnable” campaigns. Her accomplishments include flipping swing districts with radical candidates from 2001 to 2018, preparing to launch the next global peace movement by virtually assembling 137,000 people from 47 countries, and bringing creative strategies to launch and revive the careers of the world’s most progressive political leaders. Jessica has campaigned in 20 countries.

PW Sara copy.png

Sara Critchfield
Growth Hacker

As founding editorial director of—named the fastest growing media site of all time in 2013 by Fast Company‚ Sara’s major accomplishments included taking Upworthy's traffic from 0 to 50 million uniques in just two years, gaining 8 million subscribers, and developing a team and content strategy that delivered one of the highest traffic ROIs in the global media industry.

Named one of 2013’s Most Intriguing People in Media by MIN, Sara speaks, trains, and consults on growth, virality, and media. Sara has addressed audiences at the White House and been featured in Harvard Business Review, PBS, CBC, and New York Magazine.


Daraka Larimore-Hall
Team Builder

Daraka Larimore-Hall is an organizer, educator, and political activist based in California. Daraka was elected Vice-Chair of the California Democratic Party with 84% of the vote. Daraka is an expert at three things. Team building. Political parties. Grassroots mobilizing. Daraka is a veteran of the historic grassroots campaigns of Dean, Obama and Bernie Sanders as well as dozens of local and statewide elections. Larimore-Hall’s focus and expertise is on updating the strategies parties and unions use to develop a grassroots base by making the switch to “big organizing” on all levels. He’s been training trainers and organizers to win campaigns in Europe and the U.S. for the last 20 years.


Kate Dunham
Organization Changer

Kate works to advance human rights and social justice causes. Her areas of focus include training design and facilitation, program strategy and evaluation, member engagement, and storytelling. Kate has designed and led experienced-based trainings for NGO leaders, volunteer advocates, global networks of grantees, and public officials on topics including program design and evaluation, organizing, advocacy, and strategic management. She also specializes in helping organizations to develop, pilot, and sell innovative programs, and to create easy-to-use monitoring and evaluation tools to measure their success. Kate has twelve years of management-level experience in the social justice sector.


Matt Blizek
Elections Expert

As the Elections Director at MoveOn for the last six years, Matt has shaped strategy for the campaigns of hundreds of progressive candidates. In this role, Matt deployed industry-leading digital campaigns and led polling, fundraising, field and training efforts, while partnering with expert researchers to assess MoveOn’s impact and ensure evidence-based campaigning strategies. Matt spearheaded MoveOn's endorsement processes which included helping elect progressive champions such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and dozens more to end Republican control of Congress. A native of the first-in-the-nation primary state of Iowa, Matt has been managing campaigns since the age of 19, working at many of the organizations that shaped contemporary political campaigning including DFA, PCCC, and CREDO SuperPac.


Time of Day Media
Creative Studio

Angad Singh Bhalla, Adrianna Hernandez-Stewart, and Meghana Reddy are the team behind Time of Day Media, an Emmy Award-winning creative studio that specializes in storytelling strategies for social change. They collaborate exclusively with progressive organizations and campaigns such as the Fight for $15 & SEIU, the Innocence Project, and the Communications Workers of America. Their dual identity as artists and organizers makes their perspective unique- each partner has years of social justice campaigning experience that informs their creative work. They are proud members of the Writers Guild of America East and a certified Minority & Women Owned Business with the City of New York.


Ludovico Manzoni
Political Director

Ludovico’s involvement with politics began in high school, volunteering for successful primary and general elections campaigns for the Mayor of Milan, and being elected to the Municipal Council in Milan, while still taking final exams. He has managed and supported campaigns for regional, national, and European elections, and is an experienced youth organizer. He was the chairman of the Electoral Committees for Giorgio Gori during his regional campaign, coordinating, expanding, and creating content for a group of 415 committees and 2,479 members, throughout all the territory of Lombardy. Ludovico is an expert in social media and digital tools–despite his best efforts to keep away from them–having managed social media of MPs, MEPs, and a Minister. He also manages some political satire Meme pages, which surprisingly for him, are pretty successful.