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Political Campaigns

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Unleashing the Blue Wave

Members of the Social Changes team managed the federal program for MoveOn’s 2018 midterm election campaign. This blue wave campaign flipped 40 seats and elected more women and people of color than any election in history. To support our groundbreaking Real Voter Voices video campaign, MoveOn became the largest GOTV purchaser of Facebook ads.


Igniting Historic Change

Jessica directed 290 staffers from all nine top battleground states during Barack Obama’s historic 2008 election campaigns. These leaders built state leadership teams, wrote campaign plans, targeted voters, recruited volunteers, and executed the largest door knocking campaign in US history.


Putting a Young, Feminist Candidate on the Map

During the final weeks of the 2019 MEP elections, Social Changes came in to run the campaign of Caterina Cerroni–an underdog candidate from a village in the second smallest region in Italy and, at 27, the youngest person running in the election. We generated her web and digital properties, and created a suite of video and materials to promote her candidacy and drill down into key issues–many considered untouchable–including migration, feminism, racism, closure of toxic polluters, and more. Caterina ultimately won 34,700 preference votes as a write-in candidate, wildly surpassing expectations.

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Bringing Cutting Edge Digital Strategy to the European Left

Currently, we advise and train progressive movement leaders from Austria, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France.


Electing the First Latina Speaker

Many said Melissa Mark-Viverito’s NYC campaign was unwinnable, but with our strategy help, she triumphed. The first Latina Speaker of the New York City Council, Melissa led the campaigns that drove the US Navy out of Vieques and closed the notorious Rikers Island jail complex.

Grassroots Movements & Policy Campaigns


Taxing the Rich

By providing digital strategy direction for the Fair Share Tax Reform campaign, we helped win the millionaires tax, which produced $5 billion in annual revenue for the State of New York.

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Launching the Next Global Peace Movement

To lay the groundwork for the next global peace movement, we brought together 136,000 people from 47 countries on an interactive video call with Bernie Sanders and experts on Korea and Iraq to ask the question — how do we stop the next war?

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Empowering Vets

By reimagining the guiding purpose, branding, and membership model of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, we built a powerful veterans’ movement. We won unprecedented education benefits for veterans, launched hundreds of recurring monthly events in communities nationwide, and passed the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for America’s Veterans Act.

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Fighting Fake News

The manipulation of social media is increasing hate and racism at a scale and speed the world has never seen. We’re fighting back with a global campaign to cut off the revenue sources of the far right, as well as running corporate and legislative campaigns that return regulatory power to the people.